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**once your order is received, it will take 8-12 hours for your order to be processed,
please read our disclaimer**

(**note, all Social Media clients are confidential. It is our motto to keep the privacy of the client a top priority.
We do not divulge the videos, Facebook & Twitter Accounts or websites that pay for traffic. do not bother asking**)

*****Social Media Pricing*****


(all followers are confidential and proprietary)
We use the exact same Like Farms that Facebook uses when you pay for “reach” or “boost” your post on their site.
Except we do all the work manually so you can be assured that you’re account won’t get banned, shunned or suspended. We work exclusively with our specially designed software to create accounts. With each account that we create we have the liberty to do many things, friend, un-friend, subscribe, unsubscribe, like, unlike, share and more.

*typically whatever you order, it is broken down into an 80/20 ratio. 20% of your numbers will be of a lower quality and applied to your account first so that it is buried by the next batch of service. After that the 20% is complete, we add a higher quality batch to bury the base numbers applied with the 20%. This is to ensure that you have a mixture, but more important you already have a quick foundation to build on.
In most cases the 20% is delivered within 24-48 hours. After that the 80% will come at a more gradual steady and slow pace.

–the following are all UNTargeted, your account/page MUST be made public.

What are Facebook Likes WORTH?

Click the article HERE to read a recent news article that value’s each Facebook Like at $174 EACH.
****all social media prices include a 100% Money Back Guarantee****
You may now order in quantity!

**upon purchasing, you must provide your Facebook Page URL. This ONLY works with a LIKE page, not a regular account.

****LIMITED GUARANTEE: we do guarantee delivery but we do NOT guarantee that the number you order will remain for this service. Due to the everchanging code of Facebook, the Likes may fluctuate. If you order and then lose likes, we will not guarantee that they will stick after each Facebook update. *ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Standard Facebook Options

Facebook Options
please add Fanpage/status URL
specify Emoji if ordering

Facebook Fanpage Post Auto-Likes

This is for Fanpage post ONLY. When you make a post, you will recieve 20 likes per post for 30 days. You will be programmed at the time of payment and will last for 30 DAYS after that. You will not get a notification, you will simply begin to receive the likes. *Due to the volume of participants, some likes will not be instant, they may be filled within 1-3 hours of posting.

Facebook Atuo Likes
please add FB Fanpage URL

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