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Promotional Twitter Account

Do you need a promo team? Are you an artist, commercial business, politician or do you have something consistent to say? It could be bible quotes, constant advertisements for your existing links or maybe just witty sayings. If you are in need of someone to constantly promote your message we have the tool for you.
Our campaign is simple. We have aged Twitter accounts that we will rename to whatever promotional event/act/business that we agree to be effective. After naming the account, we will compile a list of 20-30 short Tweets (with links if applicable). These Tweets will then get programmed into your account.


Each account will Tweet 1 (one) message every 7.5 minutes. That is a total of 96 Tweets per day in a 12 hour span. Total # of Tweets from Monday – Friday = 450 Tweets weekly per account.
Accounts can be used on a daily-weekly-monthly basis but the best rate and most effective method is to use the service on an ongoing monthly basis.
Each account will stay in our system for a minimum of 30 days
Each account comes with a minimum of 5,000 Twitter followers.
During your campaign, we will make sure that your followers number remains consistent. If you would like more followers on your account or the promotional account, please let us know. We will create a separate invoice for that.

Digital Promo Team
current Twitter @name
requested promo @name

Once you make your purchase a confirmation email will be sent to a member of our staff. Once that email is received, expect a reply email requesting more information on the tweets that will be programmed. Please have your current links ready (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, website, etc etc). This will speed up the process and make things progress a lot smoother.
As an added bonus, whatever state that you reside in, we will ReTweet the promotional account via that State’s Promo Account (we have one for each state AND an additional promotional account for each state capital). This will effectively triple your normal output of messages…FOR FREE! (the ReTweet account is NOT exclusive).
Upon the completion of this campaign, we reserve the right to withhold any accounts that we added as a bonus. We will, however, give you, the client, the login and password to your promotional account that you paid for to do with as you please.
*all promotional software, networks and systems are proprietary to Hip Hop Encounter Media Group LLC and its subsidiaries. We reserve the right to withhold all equipment used during this service.

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Once your account has been setup and you want to continue your promotions for more than 30 days, we are now giving you the option to continue your campaign. The price listed below is for the promotional accounts that we manage. This is NOT for your personal account, any account not affiliated with us and/or any account that WE did not create or control. This is for the CONTINUED digital Twitter campaign that you started with our account from above.

Continued Monthly Promo Account
please add Twitter @name
promotional Tweet example

*****Social Media Pricing*****

(all followers have actual accounts that we have created. Our services are NOT performed by bots.)
Twitter followers are sent to your Twitter profile in small increments during a specified amount of time. By using this method, it does not appear that you purchased Twitter followers.

In fact, it should appear as if you are simply spending a great deal of time marketing your Twitter account.



We have a Trial Campaign that we have found to be a very successful package for beginners. This is a 4 Week (30 day) campaign. The standard campaign last 30-45 days but this is the most popular package since it allows for the client to test the services over an allotted amount of time with just enough statistics and analytic data to make a decision if they will be using our services quarterly, like most other clients in our database.

In the starter package you will receive the following:

  • Add 100k followers to the Twitter account affiliated with the company/brand [Followers can be country or target specific (*cost extra)]
  • Create 15 special promotional Twitter accounts with custom graphics for custom tweets and viral marketing
  • Add 25k followers each to the 2 promotional Twitter accounts
  • 50k ReTweets programmed within 24hrs (*with designated #hashtags)
  • 14 days x 50k Retweets = 700,000 hashtags and tweets
  • Custom Tweets cycled about your topic every 9 minutes
  • At 1 tweet every 9 minutes = 6.67 per hour = 160 per day (6.67x24hrs) = 2,240 in 14 days
  • 15 accounts cycling = 33,600 tweets in 14 days
    • Create Facebook Fanpage with custom graphics (if not already created)
      • Add 25k Facebook Fanpage likes
        • Connect main Twitter account or promotional Twitter with Facebook Fanpage
          • Twitter post will also now post to Facebook Fanpage
            • At 1 tweet every 9 minutes = 6.66 per hour = 160 per day = 2,240 status updates in 14 days
              • Create 30 second animated promotional video/commercial
                • Create YouTube channel with custom graphics
                  • Add 65k Real USA ONLY YouTube views o the promotional video
                    • Add 600 YouTube likes to the promotional video
                      • Add 300 YouTube comments to the promotional video
                        • Add 5,000 YouTube subscribers to the YouTube Channel
                          • Create a viral campaign and add the promotional video to 100-125 various blogs and forums for SEO purposes
                            • Create custom promotional flyer for potential investors/new clients
                              • Create custom website page/splashpage for database gathering
                                • Send Web trafic to increase Alexa and Compete ranking. Website will receive up to 2,000 hits per day
                                  • 2,000 hits times 14 days = 28,000 web hits in 14 days
                                    • Connect 3rd party marketers to Twitter for auto-posts
                                      • Add 20k Facebook Website Likes to increase SEO & SEM
                                        • Add 10k Google Plus Votes for the Website to increase SEO & SEM
                                          • Connect website to Twitter for auto-post (optional/limited)
                                            • Website is now directly connected to Twitter
                                              • Create 5 Other social media network promotions & connect to network
                                                • Instagram with 50k followers
                                                  • Pinterest with 20k followers
                                                    • Plurk and more…

                                                      *all followers and likes come with an additional 30 day monitoring. Upon completion of the campaign, we will monitor your account to make sure there are no massive reductions in numbers

                                                      2 week Trial Campaign Cost: $$–call for pricing–$$

                                                      *note: if you are interested, please review our Service Agreement page and go over all terms listed.

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