iTunes Downloads

iTunes Downloads
Before you begin…

  • 1. Your song MUST already be on iTunes
  • 2. Your song MUST be either at a price point of $.69, $.99 or $1.29
  • 3. A MINIMUM of 250 downloads is required per order
  • iTunes has become the largest music vendor in the world since 2012. It sells millions of downs monthly via downloads and has sold billions of songs to date. Right now the iTunes music charts are one of the most popular music charts around the globe, providing a natural advertising platform to thousands of potential listeners. For artist and labels, the charts provide a guage on market appeal, approach and fan engagement. We are now offering a service to kickstart those three things: Market Share, Advertising & Marketing Approach and organic Fan Engagement.
    The standard download service are ALL USA based. Based on our methods, the downloads will show in your account as coming from major cities. For an additional cost we can geo-target downloads at an additional cost.

    Reach your audience
    While most of online music promotion tools will generate virtual reputation, this service is intended to directly impact on the organic discovery of your music. The promoted music will also be shown in all the music charts that collect information about iTunes Charts, boosting the exposure not only to the potential audience, but also to major music distributors, discographies and music producers.

    Get on the Charts
    The iTunes charts are visible to anyone at anytime via the iTunes store and selecting the Charts.
    Here is an example on how to get there (updated 9/30/2018):

    1. Open iTunes

    2. Select Charts at the top of the screen


    3. Upon selecting the specific chart you want to view, select the genre you want to browse


    Select your genre from the drop down menu that will appear. It will look like this

    After you select your genre, you can now browse the top 200 songs that have been downloaded from each chart.

    Sometimes phones will cache your data or sites that you view if you are low on memory. You may also browse THIS website to see real-time data from the World Top 100, this chart is USA sales based and from all genres. This site only shows the top 100 songs from ALL genres but before ordering if you plan on getting on the charts, this is a good gauge to measure by in order to see what it would take to crack the top 100 charts.

    How to order:
    iTunes downloads can ONLY be ordered in 250 download increments. Each order is listed in the dropdown below as such. 1 order = 250 downloads.
    Using the website above as a reference, it will take an average minimum of 400 downloads to crack the Top 100 downloads chart.
    Downloads for charting are computed on a 24hr cycle. If you are attempting to chart for consecutive days, please take into account the amount of days + the amount you are ordering + target charting. Also be aware of what other releases are coming as well. If an A-List artist is dropping an album, typically on iTunes the ENTIRE album will chart in the Top 100 for a few days. That will push positioning back for everyone at least 10-18 spots, based on how many songs they released on their album.
    IMPORTANT: it takes us 24-72 to set up downloads, based on the amount of downloads requested. Please be mindful of that when ordering.
    *Note: If you are looking into album downloads, not singles please CONTACT US for pricing.

    Please select from the dropdown menu below according to the PRICE OF YOUR DOWNLOAD:

    (select ONLY if your download will be priced at $.69 retail in the iTunes store)

    $.69 iTunes Download
    iTunes Song Link

    (select ONLY if your download will be priced at $.99 retail in the iTunes store)

    $.99 iTunes Download
    iTunes Song Link

    (select ONLY if your download will be priced at $1.29 retail in the iTunes store)

    $1.29 iTunes Download
    iTunes Song Link

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    If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page

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