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Updated 12/01/2018:
If we are working an account for you, do NOT remove the content and/or account without notifying us FIRST. Doing so not only jeopardizes the work that we have lined up for you but also puts every single account that we possess AT RISK. Doing so not only forfeits your payment but it opens you up for litigation. Doing so creates a snowball effect of awareness and detection that allows us to operate in secretcy and supply services without being detected. If you perform any action that allows outside sources and service providers to detect us and our methods, you will be banned from the site and blacklisted.
We are not like everyone else.
Our Online Promotion is completely different from any other viral marketing methods that you have witnessed because of our superior staff. Our staff has years of extensive experiences in various specialized fields in reference to Target Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Investor Relations, Search Engine Optimization, Viral Marketing and problem scenario Public Relations.  We not only know how to fix a bad or negative image, but we also know how to promote the positive, generate influential word-of-mouth and assist in building your brand or message online.
It’s our goal to offer an all encompassing promotional campaign focused with consulting, designing, implementing and analytic.

Our goal for you is for people to begin researching your company, speaking about your brand, researching all options, buying in volume, spreading the word about your company and eventually be in the same conversation as the larger corporations. We strive for immediate customer awareness, loyalty and interaction, and increased brand/company exposure. The proper social media promotion will place your company’s profile in front of most people whom we see as serious consumers.

We are:

Please note that the majority of the work that we do here is against most Terms of Service or Operating Agreement. Know the risk before ordering. We rarely provide refunds since 99.99% of the time, we do our best to provide our services on-time as indicated per website but as algorithms and websites alter their formula, it may take us some time to adjust to that.
In the rare instance that we are unable to even being the service and we are completely unable to provide a particular service as stated we will provide a refund.

If you do get deleted, banned, blacklisted, removed or warned by any third party site that we service on any particular medium after you purchase our service, we will NOT provide a refund. This isn’t to say we won’t provide some sort of credit, but in most cases, buyers are attempting to use other service providers on top of what we do and those other providers are not as reliable as we are; thus making our work look invalid. Most of our methods are safe and secure and undetectable. But as technology evolves, so does the method of detection by each site. It is our goal to provide to you the best quality service that would appear organic and/or not put you, your work and our client at risk in any way.

For the record, we have NEVER had a client to be deleted, banned, blacklisted, removed or warned while using our services. We have had clients to see us working or detect our methods by making some of our random playlist visible to the public. We do ask that when this happens, please make us aware of the situation immediately.
We also ask that you use us for a particular service exclusively. It’s when you begin to use similar service providers that aren’t respectful of the client and their needs while taking into account safe and secure methods of delivery, that’s when the red flags go up.

We will NOT correct another service providers mistakes.


Let’s be honest, even though what we do is against most TOS, know that we are not willingly putting you or your account at risk. We try to stay ahead of the curve and have fluctuating methods that actually work for the benefit of the client while being safe, efficient and secure in our methods.

We try to run an honest business and have an open door policy when it comes to these types of services.

If you have any question about any of our services and the potential risk to you, please do not hesitate to ask any question that you deem necessary.

Typically when an order begins processing, it will go in a cue (que) and it will be processed in order of receipt. It normally takes a few hours for an order to get into the system. It is during this time that we begin watching accounts for any suspicious behavior. In the event that there are any issues and we are unable to work your account within the allotted time, we will issue an unsolicited refund back to you.

Please do not be alarmed at disappearing views. With the new YouTube algorithm, Youtube goes into a verification process for all views. Sometimes the view counters in the YouTube search is higher or lower than the video counter. This is because of the verification process. Also, during this process the view counter on the video may go up and down until it stabilizes. This is NORMAL! We have never had a video to be deleted. Our services are safe. In the event that you begin to experience view inequality or fluctuation, text or email us. Chances are we are already aware of the issue and handling it or it’s a matter of YouTube doing some fact checking. You will be fine.

*note: all pages, post, videos and images must be public, all mix cds must be sponsored and all accounts must be withing your control or you own. in the event that one of the stated requirements are not me, you will NOT be issued a refund. Each of these services state how ordering must happen, we will not put ourselves, our methods nor our clients at risk because you did not follow the rules.

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